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Start your own software COMPANY today using our technology in your BRAND NAME.

The Morphy White Label Software Program. Our Technology. Your Brand.

The first White Label with one time fees for unlimited copies. Start your software company today for as low as $299.

Sell white label products and generate passive income today.  Start your own company without any investment. Escape the boring 9-5 routine and all this without the need of any coding skills. Sell white label lead generation software to your clients and earn 100% of sale amount as your profit. Become CEO of your own software company and start your online business today.

Morphy Software White Label program is specially meant for software distributors, resellers and affiliates that are ready to step up their software reselling activity to a higher level. It is also suitable for young entrepreneurs who are looking to start a new business with very little investment, but donot have resources or time to waste on developing the software products. 

The White Label Software program consists of a completely rebranded software, carrying the partner’s brand name, partner’s logo and contact details and allows the white label software partner to earn recurring income by selling the morphy lead generation and email marketing softwares in their own branding.

Unlike other white label software programs we offer 100% of sale amount as profit to you. you can set any price for your products and keep all profits. We charge only a one time fee no matter how many copies you sell. An average morphy white label software partner earns $3000 to $5500 per month as net profit from sales every month.

We are making a profit of $55000 every year using the below softwares. Please ask our staff about income proof to get yourself convinced about how much you can earn. Our staff will show you our perfect money , bitcoin, paypal and razorpay accounts so that you get an idea about how much money you can make by selling these softwares.

Fully designed website with lifetime free hosting is offered for the white label of morphymail email marketer. For all other softwares , if a fully designed custom website is needed we charge $150 one time fees extra.


SoftwaresFeaturesPrice to franchiseesSuggested Retail Price To SellScreenshotBuy Private Label Franchise Pack Using Credit Card
Morphy B2B Contacts Finder It is a google chrome extension to extract unlimited business leads with full details like name, email, phone, website, address etc based on given keywords from any location in world. $99/Month For Unlimited Licenses along with Keygen and Custom Branding / Logo $49 to $79
Morphy Linkedin Extractor It is a windows software to extract email addresses of professionals from linkedin based on given keywords , job title etc from any locations in world. $54/Month For Unlimited Licenses along with Keygen and Custom Branding/Logo $39 to $49 Per License
Morphy Leads Extractor It is a windows based software to generate contact details of UNLIMITED businesses from any location in world from Google MAPs. It uses Google Places API. $99/month For Unlimited Licenses along with Keygen and custom branding/logo $89 to $129 per License Screenshot
Morphy All-in-one Extractor Corporate It is a windows software to extract UNLIMITED emails, mobile and fax numbers from 12 search engines, websites, domain owners registry, databases, local files and folders and email accounts. Includes a built-in email verifier. $88/month For Unlimited Licenses along with keygen and custom branding / logo $69 to $79 Per License Screenshot
MorphyMail Desktop Email Marketer 2.0 It is a windows based software to create, send and track UNLIMITED bulk emails. Works best with Amazon Simple Email Service which with which users can send upto 50,000 emails per day for just $5 (Cost of Amazon SMTP). $149/Month OR $1499/Year For Unlimited Licenses along with Keygen and custom branding / logo $97 to $129 per License Screenshot
500 EMAIL TEMPLATES - MASTER RESELLER RIGHT 500+ Well designed professional email templates Resale rights. For lifetime.
Morphy Email Extractor It is a windows software to extract UNLIMITED email addresses from google search engine using given keywords and locations. $299/Lifetime For Unlimited Licenses along with Keygen and Custom Branding/Logo $49 to $69 Per License Screenshot
EMAIL DATABASES - MASTER RESELLER RIGHT All Email databases in our database collection Resale rights. For lifetime.

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