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Terms and Conditions

1. You will get 70-80% inbox delivery for all emailboxes of private domains (example [email protected]) and majorly spam folder delivery for all email boxes of public domains (example gmail.com , yahoo.com ,hotmail.com etc)

2. You need to warm up the ip for atleast a week by sending less emails to avoid blacklisting problem. We will send you the pattern once you make the payment.

3. In future if  your ip/domain gets blacklisted, we apply for whitelisting for free from our end. But if it doesn’t get whitelisted, you’ll have to pay us $60 for resetup ($60 for morphymail with smtp and $80 for gorillacontact)

4. You have to purchase the $6 worth server from ovh by signing into ovh.(Also additional IPs, If the product is Gorillacontact)
5. We will not be responsible if ovh cancel your server for abuse.
6. You have to remember and renew your ovh server monthly to avoid suspension of service by ovh.
7. If you want us to order/renew server from ovh, you have to pay service charge
($10 instead of $6)
8. All our supports will be free for first month after your purchase. After one month pay $39/month if you need further support from us.