Message From CEO -

Dear Visitors,

The following section will help you get a better understanding about our products and make the right decision regarding whether our software products are a perfect fit for you. Reading this will also help avoid any customer complaints after purchase.


Morphy Leads Extractor

1. Morphy Leads Extractor uses google API’s to extract results. Each customer after purchase has to signup for a google cloud account at and generate the api key and then insert the api key in Morphy Leads Extractor to fetch the results.

2. A video is provided to paid customers which will help them to create google api key by them self

3. Customers who don’t wish to watch the video and do it them self can seek the help of our support staff to create the google api key. All what you need to do is to create a new gmail account and give the login details to our staff. Our staff will do the rest.

4. Customers has to enter their credit card information in their google cloud account.

5. Every month, $200 worth usage (Extraction of around 50K leads using Morphy leads extractor) is given free of cost by google. If customers wishes to extract more, than $200 worth data in any month, google will chargetheir credit card according to the pricing table given below. Cost is $2 per each 1000 api requests.


6. If you donotwish to spend any money to google for extraction, you can setup notification email in your google cloud account where you get an email from google when your free limit is exhausted for that month so that you can stop extracting data for that month and google will not charge you anything. Our staff will setup the notification email for you.

7. Speed of extraction using Morphy leads extractor is slow by default. You can increase the speed to 10 times faster, if you unheck “display emails in results” check box in search settings section of Morphy leads extractor.

8. Data got from Morphy leads extractor is 100% accurate and uptodate so that another email validation software is not needed before sending bulk emails to the extracted results.

9. Different customers uses Morphy leads extractor differently. Some use it for email marketing, some others use it for telecalling/bulk sms/whatsapp messaging/voicemail marketing while very few use it for sending bulk postal mail. From our experience, the most efffective method of marketing is telecalling using Morphy leads extractor.

10. If customer is not getting enough resuts using one keyword – eg: “digital marketing companies”, he/she can find alternate keywords with same meaning by going to  . Enter your main keyword there and ubersuggest will give many alternate keywords with same meaning and each of these keyword will give you different results.

11. Donot select a country to get all results from that country in Morphy leads extractor. Instead select a country , then select a state in that country , then select a district in that state and then select all places in that district to get maximum number of results.

Morphy Facebook Extractor

1. Morphy facebook extractor uses the facebook api to extract data from facebook with the permission of facebook.

2. Each paid customer should have a facebook account and should generate a facebook access token from his account and insert that token in the api settings section of the software inorder to extract results from facebook.

3. A video is provided to each paid customer regarding how to generate facebook access token.

4. Our technical support staff will create facebook token for each customer who donot wish to create facebook token by themself.

5. Using each token, only a maximum of 10K records can be extracted in a day. User can add multiple facebook tokens to extract more records per day.

6. Facebook will not block the account if one facebook token is created per facebook account and if only 10K records are extracted per day using one token. User can use the software for many years without any issues.

7. Extraction is 20 times faster when “display emails in results” checkbox is unchecked in search settings of Morphy facebook extractor.

8. Usage of facebook extractor is 100% legal and complies with facebook policies. API usage is with the permission of facebook.

Morphy Email Extractor

1. Morphy email extractor is a 100% free software and free gift to all our website visitors. Users will be able extract and save unlimited emails and use it for lifetime without paying any money to us.

2. If “google server busy” message is shown during extraction, user should download and install a free VPN like and connect to a usa or europe IP address and continue extraction without any problems.

3. Extraction will be slower for first 30 minutes , but over a period of 3 hours it will extract over 70K emails.

Morphy Extractor Corporate Edition

1. Extracted emails using Morphy extractor corporate edition may contain upto 20% invalid emails and users have to use the built-in email verifier after extraction to remove invalid emails from the results before sending bulk email campaign to them.