Watch Video - How to make facebook access token - World's only email extractor which is 100% Free - Download Now

#1. The below video shows how to make facebook access token for boxxer facebook extractor software. Download the facebook extractor by clicking here

#2. You can extract maximum 10K leads per day using one token using boxxer facebook extractor. If more than 10K leads are extracted per day , facebook may block your account. Donot worry, in boxxer api settings window, you can set limit for maximum leads per search after which the extraction will automatically stop.

#3. You must not make more than one facebook token in one facebook account. For using multiple tokens with boxxer, create multiple facebook accounts and make one token for each fb account.

STEP 1:  Create developer account in facebook by going to url

STEP 2: Create short lived access token by going to url

STEP 2: Create long lived access token by going to url

STEP 3: Open boxxer facebook extractor and select search settings->api settings. Click clear all tokens and enter your long lived access token and click add token, save and finish.

STEP 4: Enter your keywords and locations and start extracting leads from boxxer facebook extractor and save them to ms excel csv file for your marketing.

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