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Terms & Conditions

#1. All Resellers are required to pay one time registration fees of $100 for joining

#2. TEN Licenses of Boxxer Email Extractor will be given FREE to all resellers immedietely after joining.

#3. Each reseller will be given a coupon code for their clients which their clients will input during their purchase and earn 10% discount on the regular price.

#4. Based on the number of sales which has come in a month for a particular coupon code, each reseller will be paid 30% of commission.

#5. Payouts for international clients will be done via paypal/perfect money/bitcoin and national clients will be through NEFT Bank transfer at every time their commission reaches $150 or once in every 2 weeks whichever is later.

#6. Resellers who have generated more than $500 worth commission are given fee waiver for the private label partnership program, where the softwares are rebranded in the resellers company name with their logo on it and can sell it at any price they fix and earn 50% on sale amount as commission.

we accept visa card and master card