Find business/consumer leads to market any business

Your business is always in search of leads, but those leads are hard to come by organically. You must use a tool that will search for leads on your behalf while you manage your business. Boxxer email-phone-fax extractor finds targeted consumer leads and business leads according to your given search criteria from your target geography. Each lead record includes full contact details of people or organizations which you are looking for, such as name, email address, phone number, mobile number, fax number, website address, postal addrss, region, city, state and country. You can give UNLIMITED search criteria's like "Hotels in Houston, USA" OR "Doctors in texas, dallas" and save the results to MS Excel for your marketing. Boxxer Corporate Edition also allows you to extract emails and mobiles from ANY websites, databases, local files and folders in your computer hard disk, ANY email account inboxes, domain owners registry and also has a built in email verifier. Extracted emails can be used to send bulk emails using the addon email marketing software or you can send bulk sms to the extracted mobile numbers to advertise your business.


How Does It Work?

Enter Target Keywords

You must enter keywords & geographic locations of your target audience eg:"web design company" or "Plumbers" in "dallas, texas, USA" to the system to start generating leads

Find Leads

The software searches for leads based on your keywords list from the target geography using the Google Cloud API

Export Results

You can save the generated leads to MS Excel (csv) or .txt. The data includes full details - Name, Email ID, Phone Number, Website Address, Linkedin Profile URL, Facebook URL, Organization Name, Postal Address, Zip Code, Country, Region, Location on google maps etc

Send Bulk Email/SMS

Convert the leads to sales by importing the (.csv) to your CRM software or by sending bulk emails to them through the Email Marketer AddON Provided by Boxxer.

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