White Label Software Program

Become a Boxxer Software White Label Partner!

Our Technology, Your Brand!

Boxxer Software White Label program is specially tailored to software distributors, resellers and affiliates that are ready to step up their software reselling activity to the next level!
The Software White Label program consists of a completely rebranded software, carrying the partner’s brand of choice, preferred color palettes and icon-sets, and allows the white label software partner to utilize multi-tier marketing models easier, increase profits on scalable marketing campaigns, and strategically expand activity to newly available inventory in a more profitable manner.

The Boxxer software white label program has proven itself over and over again, providing our partners with increased value offering, industry-leading conversion rates, maximized consumer satisfaction and unprecedented ROI – all achievable with our state of the art white label lead generation and email marketing solutions (useful for any small business owner to expand their business).

Please fill in the form below if interested, to sign the private label agreement and start selling. It is FREE to join. You can fix ANY price for your product and earn 50% of sale amount as your profit


Boxxer Leads Extractor: Windows based software to extract contact details of ANY type of businesses along with its owners / directors contact details from ANY location in the world. Just like a user searches in Google, he can search in boxxer with a keyword to find the business name, mobile number, email address, website address, mailing address, google maps photo, Business owners name, email address , phone number and fax number etc. Thousands are results are got within minutes which can be saved to an MS EXCEL format.

GorillaContact Email Marketer: Windows based software to create, send and track unlimited bulk email messages to a large email list at a single click.

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