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What Does The Boxxer Leads Extractor Do?

The email extractor software searches for leads based on the keywords and location you provide to the system. This software searches the places you choose, and it returns with leads that match your criteria. This software is not generic in any way. You customize it to look for leads that you can convert most easily, and it returns leads every day because of new searches.

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Other conventional email extractors extracts from search engines based on browser based scraping technology where the users donot pay any money to google or yahoo. And off course, google gives more accurate and vast data with more details to its paid users than the free search requests through browser.

The hosted google cloud platform also gives upto 800 MBPS bandwidth which no broad band internet connection can offer normally. Hence more records are extracted in a very little time keeping the accuracy in tact.

Where accuracy is more important than the quantity, Google API comes the first priority.

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The bulk email and bulk sms addons are actually seperate extentions which is linked with boxxer for which customers have to pay to use them. Both web based and desktop based platforms are available for email marketing and sms marketing with international routes at comparitively affordable prices.

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The best email extractor can return around 100K results in a 24 hour time period on the google cloud platform. You have the option of putting multiple keywords , one keyword per line in a .txt file and upload it in bulk into the software so that within a 6 or 7 days, around 1 million records are extracted without the need for turning on your computer.

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The keyword finder addon is a third party software which we provide when you need to get more results for the same theme. It simple gives a huge list of similar keywords when 2 or 3 keywords are given as input. Since every new keyword will give separate list of leads based on your changing criteria, using the keyword finder tool can multiply your results to get different leads for the same product or service. Each list can be stored separately, and you may review these lists at your leisure. The email extractor is a program that creates leads without any initial effort. You must use your efforts to review the results you get from the program, and you must convert these leads on your own. The extractor finds the people who are most likely to buy your products or services based on their recent search and email history.

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Here is a cost effective method to find targeted customers who are specifically looking for your products & services in the internet. The advantage of this software is, for a one time fee, you can use it forever to mine leads. Just give a keyword related to your prospect customers, For eg: "Restaurants in Texas", and the software will extract the contact details (Website URL, Email ID, Phone Number, Fax Number, Organization Name, Postal Address, Post Code, Country, Opening Hours etc) of all people in internet related to that keyword. Extracted leads can be used for email marketing , telemarketing or bulk sms marketing.  

Comparison with Other Email Extractors

  Unlike other mail extractor software, Boxxer Email Extractor is based on Google Cloud API and hosted in the google servers with network speeds upto 800 MBPS,  which means highest number of records extracted per hour.    

Domain Owners Registry - Best source for finding start ups

  Boxxer Email/Phone/Fax Extractor is the best lead generator designed to extract email addresses, Phone/FAX numbers, from domain owners registry (who-is).  ie the contact information of registrant owners of all those domain names which matches your keyword. We give the sources to our paid customers where they can download daily registrations of domains names in the various registrars like godaddy, name.com etc in an MS Excel csv format which can be feeded into the boxxer to get the contact details of domain owners (fresh businesses) every day. Since tens of thousands of new domains are being registered every day, users of boxxer can contact these business owners just at the time when they start their online presence. Boxxer email extractor online is rated as #1 email harvester software of the year 2013 by softpedia. There are over 600 downloads per day for this email hunter tool, Download your free copy today.    

How to send bulk emails to extracted leads?

  To perform bulk mailing campaign you need a powerful mailing software & smtp server. We provide both desktop and web based email marketing platforms with which you can send unlimited emails for only a one time fee. No recurring charges.  Visit www.gorillabulkemail.com   

How to send bulk sms to extracted leads?

To perform bulk sms campaign you need a powerful web based sms gateway which lets you send international and national sms , voice messages in an affordable rate. We have over 260 routes for various destinations which fullfills your each need of validating and sending sms to the extracted mobile numbers.  Visit our site  www.gorillabulksms.com for free trial.  

Business And Consumer Email Lists

To make an outstanding email marketing campaign you will obviously need targeted and bulk email lists. We provide full opt-in emails lists of 28 countries for outright purchase. CLICK HERE  

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