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Trial version of Boxxer Leads Extractor can extract 100 leads at a time for UNLIMITED number of times for 30 days.  Once you need UNLIMITED extraction and a more powerful version, please upgrade it to PRO VERSION by paying a One Time fee valid for a Life Time.

Introducing a Simple Way to Extract Emails

Email extraction is used for years to extract e-mail addresses for direct marketing purposes. It unfortunately has also been used to spam individuals and businesses. Your business needs an easy and safe email extraction tool that both protects your customers' e-mail addresses and helps your company generate leads. You do want to be careful when selecting the right email extraction tool. You also need to understand what email systems you will be using, along with social media outlets you will be targeting with your email campaign


An email harvester, like the one shown at the Boxxer email extractor website, harvests e-mails from a variety of sources. An email harvester for example can harvest e-mail addresses from email accounts, search engines, directories and databases. With a free download of the software, you have the ability to extract unlimited phone/fax/email IDs from search engines, website URLs, website owners directories, email accounts, MS SQL, My SQL, and MS Access databases. The free edition is fully functional so you can see how fast you can extract the information and it has a built in email verifier.

The important issue to remember is that you can extract email addresses legally and safely. The key is that you as the buyer will need to make sure the email lists you purchase have been thoroughly screened to ensure that the email list owners have granted you access to their email addresses. Direct marketing lists can also be obtained legally with permission from the companies’ owners.

Email harvester software that can easily search out potential leads and define your target audience is what most businesses need. It is best when used a part of a complete marketing strategy that includes a targeted email list. Remember that there is the potential that the third party company you use may have illegally obtained those email addresses. So, testing free editions of email harvester software is probably the best way to check them before purchasing the software.

The benefits of email harvesting are that you are not spending hours and hours of time manually researching email addresses of companies and individuals that may or may not be interested in your product and/or service. Email extractions can also be targeted to a specific audience and be as large as you need it to be or as small as you want it to be. Many email harvesting tools are easy to use, can be set to different perimeters and be targeted to a specific group or organization. The advantage of email harvesting is that it is time and cost effective. You could also target customers' interest, but be wary when using this tool as you will need customer consent.

You, as the purchaser of the email lists, are responsible for making sure all your customers' email addresses were authorized to be used publically. Some authorized email lists will cost you some money to obtain.

Software that extracts and harvests email addresses is great for bulk email. You can target your customers by interest, occupation and by organization. Harvesting software is relatively easy to set up and use.
Works on All Windows OS - BOTH 32 & 64 BIT

Minimum System Requirements:

Windows 98 and higher, Windows Me, Windows NT 4.0, Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows
Server 2003/2008
Pentium II 333 CPU/ 64 MB RAM
MS Windows Sockets 2 update
Internet Connection

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