Appointment Setting Service

Appointment setting service is our premium managed service to High Net-Worth Clients where we manages everything including lead generation, content creation and optimization, landing page design, mass marketing and finally delivers you contact details of people who wish to speak with you in person on pre-defined time and date.

Leads/prospects/customers are the heart of any business. Without them you don't have a business.

We only generate and deal with high end, quality, Buyer, Marketer, SMS, and other types of leads that actually convert into sales. We don't waste time with junky biz opp leads. We also teach others how to market and grow their business in many ways.

We will call, email, and close your leads, ongoing if needed. We will get prospects that will come to your local and online business events. We will do Phone Broadcasting and Voice Drop Calls at a bulk flat rate. We also will collect other similar businesses profile and information on LinkedIn and FaceBook.



All appointment setting services are on post paid billing model where you pay only after we deliver you the appointments. Payment has to be done once we deliver every 50 appointments


Depending upon the complexity involved in the work, we charge $7 to $12 per each appointment set. However your first campaign has a fixed budget of $7 / Appointment. We will intimate you prior to starting the campaign if this amount has to be increased after completing the first campaign.


Along with the contact details of the person, you can also include other information to be collected from the person who wish to speak with you and can be included in the form filledup by the client while fixing his appointment with you.

we accept visa card and master card